Environmental & Sustainability Policy

At Alfold Veterinary Surgery, we take our responsibilities to the environment seriously. We aim to provide our services with the highest environmental and sustainable standards whilst also providing a gold standard of care to our clients and patients. 

Respect for people, animals and the environment is one of our core values, and we strive to operate our business without causing unnecessary damage to the natural world. We recognise that our responsibility to the environment is beyond legal and regulatory requirements.

We aim to operate our business in a resource-efficient way, minimising the use of raw materials, greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution and waste generation. 

Our environmental commitment can be demonstrated by the following actions within the practice: 

  • Subscribing to a renewable energy tariff where possible and minimising use of fuel by turning off equipment and lights.
  • Implementing a waste and recycling policy which maximises the reuse and recycling of materials through our commercial recycling contract and Terracyle schemes.
  • Appropriate disposal of waste products such as antimicrobials and biohazardous materials.
  • Implementing measures to reduce the escape of anaesthetic greenhouse gases.
  • Reviewing products utilised and sold to ensure that they align with our sustainability and ethical targets.
  • Minimising transport costs and wastage through effective stock management and procurement. 
  • Appointing a sustainability champion within the Practice.
  • Reviewing changes within legislation, our organisation, and other factors on a regular basis. 
  • Complying with environmental regulations.
  • Communicating all policies to our employees and provide training as necessary.

We are also part of the VetPartners group which achieved the Investors in the Environment (iiE) Green level award at Head Office, and at least Bronze level at 15% of its practices. VetPartners know their carbon footprint and have set carbon reduction targets for 2026 and 2030. They publish an annual sustainability report, and Practice Managers and Clinical Directors receive sustainability training. 

Vet Partners also has working partnerships with industry groups and other organisations, such as VetSustain, helping to promote the best practices for sustainability in the veterinary and farming sectors.


Alfold Veterinary Practice/Environmental & Sustainability Policy V1.0/5/12/2023